About Ako Mak


Ako Mak is a Japanese writer who lives in Melbourne. "Someday, IVF at 39" is her first English novel.


It is contemporary fiction dealing with infertility ― an immigrant woman in Australia tries desperately to have a baby with her Australian husband while adjusting to a new life in a new country and transitioning from career woman to mother. Ako herself experienced IVF and during that journey she encountered mysterious, life-changing events ― which inspired her to write this novel.


Born in Japan, Ako started her career in public relations after gaining a Bachelor of Economics, and expanded into writing magazine articles and also Manga in Tokyo. After migrating to Australia, she completed a Graduate Diploma in Writing and started creative writing in both Japanese and English. She's a member of the Australian Society of Authors and the Japan P.E.N. Club.


Ako lives with her husband, their two children and two small dogs. She has been involved in a spiritual journey since her early twenties and found Tibetan Buddhism ― since then, she has studied it and practised Tantra. She loves writing, mothering and meditation.